What do our customers say?

I have enjoyed learning Japanese with Kumiko-sensei over the last several months. The well-planned and organized lessons are helping me progress towards my goal of learning to speak and understand conversational Japanese, as well as increasing my reading and writing capabilities. Her custom lesson plans and passion for teaching create an encouraging atmosphere that is both challenging and fun!

Seija S from Finland

Takeishi-sensei has been a wonderful teacher, using her own innovative materials.  She has greatly helped me prepare for the JLPT level 1 test.  Her class was exactly what I was looking for!

Vanessa Z from USA

Kumiko-san’s services definitely helped make our relocation to Japan an easy move. Her company helped us with driver’s license, bank accounts, translating documents, visa application, change of addresses and Japanese language classes. We recommend her services to everyone we know because of the excellent service she provides.

Michiyo Montague from USA

I’ve known Kumi for almost 4 years now and we’ve been having language exchange since then, I can say that she is an excellent person and she is always ready to help! She makes her students comfortable speaking japanese, the lessons are fun and interactive. I’m taking the lessons for expat parents, every class we learn something new about the daily life in Japan, some curiosities and we exchange experiences from our countries.

Monica from Brazil

Kumiko senseis lessons are well suited to our needs and level. She is flexible and prepares interesting and informative lessons based on our requests or interests.  Her lessons are specific to the students she is teaching at the time and not just generic textbook lessons. 

Jessica from New Zealand


福岡市早良区百道浜 外資系企業 ご担当者さま

Kumiko Sensei’s classes are the best thing that’s ever happened to me ever since I started learning Japanese. I have gained more confidence in using Japanese in public. She is a patient teacher and makes everyone feel comfortable taking her classes. I highly recommend her. Even when I’m tired from work, I always look forward to having class because I know that I’m going to enjoy class and gain more Japanese grammar and vocabulary.I highly recommend her.

Chris from Zimbabwe

I’ve taken lessons from Kumiko-san for three years while living in Fukuoka, and found her to be a skilled, dedicated instructor who greatly enhanced my ability to speak Japanese.  Initially, our lessons were in-person, and Kumiko was always professional and well-prepared.  When the coronavirus pandemic started, we switched to on-line courses.  While meeting face-to-face has some socializing advantages, Kumiko leveraged technology to enhance our online sessions, resulting in an even more productive and engaging learning experience.  She also was very flexible with my busy, changing schedule, and always made time in her own busy schedule to ensure that we were able to meet.  Kumiko-san’s teaching style and ability to read the student was critical to successful learning.  Her skills and experience allow her to sense when a student is struggling, and she uses alternative explanations or finds additional resources to adapt to the student’s way of learning.  Learning Japanese isn’t always easy, but Kumiko-san always makes it enjoyable and productive.  Her personality, skills and dedication have earned my highest recommendation.

Andrew from USA

I give Ms. Takeishi my highest recommendation as a Japanese language instructor. I have been learning Japanese at the college, graduate, and professional levels for the last 15 years. She is the best instructor I have worked with due to her creative and engaging curriculum, professional teaching certification, and flexibility. My goal when I started my current job was to raise my language score to a Foreign Service Institute (FSI) 4/4 in speaking and reading. This was a goal that I had been working towards for the last five years, and due to my lessons with Ms. Takeishi, I was able to finally achieve my goal. She is certified as a ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) tester, and she makes lessons engaging as she ties in current events and Japanese cultural expertise with our lessons. She comes prepared to each meeting with a agenda to meet my professional needs, but also stays flexible in case I need to prepare for a media interview or speech. I know that you will learn and accomplish your language goals with Ms. Takeishi. 

Yuki from U.S.A

I have only the highest praise for Kumiko Takeishi.  She is not only an excellent Japanese language teacher,but is also so much more!  Her consulting services are indispensable to any expat seeking support navigating Japanese bureaucracy.  She has supported me with medical translations, childcare logistics, and insurance claims.  She was also an amazing travel agent for my parents and created an incredible travel itinerary that they adored.  If you are a foreigner in Japan without perfect Japanese, you need Takeishi sensei!

Phil from U.S.A

I’ve joined Kumi-san’s classes at first because I had plans to visit Japan and wanted to be able to communicate while traveling there. I took the class for a few years and the experience turned out to be so much more. 

In a busy life dedicated to my career I found myself looking forward to leave work and start the class where I could learn so much, discuss a variety of subjects about different cultures and have fun with Kumi san and the other classmates.

The classes are super organized and Kumi san really cares about being well prepared and making sure everybody can follow the lesson at their on pace.

In the end I had to quit her classes because I got pregnant, and she even chose my daughter’s Japanese name S2

It really is a one-of-a-kind experience that I recommend to everyone.

Esther from Brazil