Japanese Language Services & Expat Living Support

Welcome. We are happy to help your Japanese language studies and your relocation to Fukuoka, Japan.

Let’s start online lessons with a professional Japanese instructor!
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  • Kumiko senseis lessons are well suited to our needs and level. She is flexible and prepares interesting and informative lessons based on our requests or interests.  Her lessons are specific to the students she is teaching at the time and not just generic textbook lessons. 

    Jessica from New Zealand

  • I have enjoyed learning Japanese with Kumiko-sensei over the last several months. The well-planned and organized lessons are helping me progress towards my goal of learning to speak and understand conversational Japanese, as well as increasing my reading and writing capabilities. Her custom lesson plans and passion for teaching create an encouraging atmosphere that is both challenging and fun!

    Seija S from Finland

  • Takeishi-sensei has been a wonderful teacher, using her own innovative materials.  She has greatly helped me prepare for the JLPT level 1 test.  Her class was exactly what I was looking for!

    Vanessa Z from USA