Online Japanese class

We are happy to offer you online Japanese classes!

Since these courses are offered online, you can join from anywhere in the world, and we can offer them at a very reasonable cost. You can have fun learning and talking in Japanese with classmates from many different countries.  Our group lessons have a maximum of 5 students per class.

Prior to beginning class, I will speak with you personally to assess your level/proficiency in Japanese.

1.Group Beginner class  (No prior Japanese language training)
 We focus on gaining basic Japanese speaking and listening skills. In the beginning class, we will use the “GENKI 1“ textbook.

Class Schedule : Every Tuesday at 7:30 pm / Friday at 9:30 am / Saturday at 10:00am Japan Standard Time (50 minutes in duration)

Additional classes:  Please contact us to confirm day and time availability

・ Please note: Group Beginner classes require a minimum of 2 students enrolled.

2. Group Intermediate class (For intermediate learners with children who are living in Japan)
In this class we focus on gaining Japanese social skills while raising children in Japan. How can we communicate with Japanese parents? What kind of picture books do Japanese children like? How do Japanese children play alone or with others? How do you respond to letters from a Japanese school?  These are just some of the skills we will learn.
For this class, we don’t use any specific textbooks. The lessons lessons will be built around your requests.

Class Schedule:  Every Monday at 1:30 pm Japan Standard Time (50 minutes in duration)

3. Private Lessons
One-on-one customized lessons are available.  Please contact us to confirm day and time availability.  Private lessons are 3,800JPY per hour.

Cost for Group Classes: 5,500JPY (50 minutes×4 lessons)/per month(via Paypal or Bank transfer).

Instructors: Please click here to find out more about our skilled instructors.

Platform: We use ZOOM for our online courses.

Please feel free to contact us anytime for more information. We are excited to meet and work with you to learn Japanese and understand Japanese culture!Excited to meet and work with you to learn the Japanese language and culture!