Japanese language lessons:

  • Private Japanese lessons
  • Small group Japanese lessons
  • JPLT preparation
  • Keigo intensive lessons
  • Preparation for a job interview in Japanese
  • Japanese lessons for children

Japanese cultural lessons:       

  • Learn Japanese table manners (chopstick etiquette)
  • City walking tour
  • Navigate a grocery store
  • Study and Use ( How to interact with Japanese hosts when visiting their home,How to act and respond politely in Japanese society)

Every client has different needs and requirements. Some may want to focus on learning Japanese grammar and becoming proficient with the technical aspects of Japanese language. Others may only need useful phrases for traveling around Japan. Our instructors understand the need for flexibility and customized content. We will continuously ask for feedback from you to tailor lessons to meet your interests, keep you engaged and ensure you are progressing at your own pace.

Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to supporting your stay in Japan.