Virtual Assistant in Fukuoka

Living in a different country, with unique customs and a challenging language can be difficult at times.  For newcomers to Japan as well as people who’ve live here for a while, necessary administrative tasks can be difficult, cause anxiety, and a lot of time can be wasted trying to understand how things work.  Go-Between is happy to help make living in Fukuoka easy and more enjoyable by providing assistance when working with Japanese government officials and bureaucracy.  We can help you handle just about any administrative issue that may arise for your relocation.


■ Administrative Services 

Some of the many administrative tasks that require Japanese speaking, reading and writing skills include the following:

  • Visiting city hall
  • Contacting immigration services, banks and/or the police station for an address change
  • Applying for a visa or extension
  • Opening your bank account
  • Getting copies of official documents
  • Arranging quarantine when shipping a pet
  • Finding/communicating with a veterinarian
  • Childcare or kindergarten (hoikuen or yochien) enrollment
  • Supporting the searching for a babysitter or a housekeeper
  • Booking a restaurant / hotel / clinic
  • Arranging domestic or international travels
  • Supporting obtaining Japanese driver’s license

We will provide an assistant to help you through each of these processes.
Please contact us for details.