Expat Living Support

We are happy to help support your life in Fukuoka to make living here easy and more enjoyable.
We can help you handle most any administrative issues that arise.

  • Assistance to acquire a Japanese Driver’s license.
  • Assistance with tasks related to city hall, immigrations, banks, animal quarantine or any other administrative tasks that require reading, writing, speaking and translation of Japanese documents.


■ Japanese Driver’s license1cc6150b5cb4f3bbd97285304370bad5_s

Driving in Japan, like your own country, will make your stay easier and allow you to visit places, not in the guide books.


If you want us to assist you in obtaining your Japanese driver’s license, please contact us with the following:

  • What country or what State in the United States was your driver’s license issued?
  • Where do you live now?
  • The interpretation and assistance fee will be from 10,000~20,000 JPY.


■ Administrative Servicesa8e61b741f0ee8cf6c2c0c2514712651_s

Visiting city hall, immigration services, banks or a police station for an address change, visa application, opening your bank account, document retrieval, an animal quarantine for a pet shipping , hoikuen enrolment or numerous other required tasks, requires both Japanese writing and reading skills. We will provide an assistant to help you through each of these processes.

  • The interpretation and assistance fee will be from 3,000~ JPY per hour.