Winter Special JP Lessons

Hello, future Japanese language students!

We teach all levels of students from beginner to advanced and from kids to adults.

This winter season I will offer special private lessons from Dec 2019 to Jan 2020.

Since they are private lessons, we can design the lesson plan based on your needs.

Contact us anytime so we can get started helping you speak Japanese if you are a beginner or honing your Japanese speaking skills if you are an intermediate or advanced speaker.


Date&Time:  2019/12/01-2020/1/31(from 10am-7pm)

Cost: 5 lessons/12,000 yen (50 minutes×5 lessons)

Place: Cozy Sharing space near Ohori park (福岡市中央区大手門3-12-12 BLDG64 3F)



First come, first serve! The number of students I can accept is limited.

Excited to meet you and work with you to learn Japanese!


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